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McCowen-Sainton testimonials are provided for your perusal and convenience.  On request, we can put you in touch with a comprehensive list of clients should you feel the need.  Our clients are our most important asset and as all our clients will tell you, service “after” the build is where we exceed all expectations.

Repeat business surprises our competitors, but not us.   Taking care of our clients after the move-in is as important as pouring that new slab; the foundation of any client/builder relationship.  Ask anyone about McCowen-Sainton and that is what you will hear.


To whom it may concern,

Four years ago, we decided to buy a lot and build our dream home here in the Enclave. We certainly had our fears and trepidations. Who hasn’t heard tales of home building nightmares?  We contacted McCowen-Sainton, not because of a personal referral but because they were already building fine homes in our neighborhood. From the very first meeting with Pat McCowen and Steve Sainton, we were impressed with their professionalism, enthusiasm and ability to listen to our needs.

The home building process is lengthy and tricky. Steve and Pat know the process well and they skillfully led us through the maze, every step of the way. They worked well as a team with our architect, Michael Lyons and decorator, Betty Glasby. Their record keeping is impeccable and their sub-contractors are high quality.   They were there at every point in the myriad details, selections and decisions that led up to the successful completion of our dream, come true.

That is not the end of our story. The final check was exchanged and every last item on our “Punch List” was attended to long ago…. they are both still completely accessible and responsive to our needs.

As we look back, there is not one detail that they have let us down on. That is why, without hesitation, we can recommend Pat and Steve of McCowen-Sainton as superior home builders.


Carlos and Judy Tolosa



McCowen-Sainton Cot front

To Whom It May Concern:

McCowen-Sainton, Inc. built a large three level home for me on a difficult sloping lot on time and within a final bid price. At the time of construction, I owned a volume building company which had built several thousand homes and certainly could have built my own home.

I elected to have Pat and Steve build for me because they knew which subcontractors did highly quality work on time and for a fixed price. Their reputation as reported from previous clients was excellent in all respects including prompt response to any minor touch up items that might come to ones attention after move in. I consider them a “Builder’s Builder” and highly recommend them.


John Gehan




McCowen-Sainton Reichelt Home

To Whom It May Concern:

I write this letter with the greatest of pleasure.

Over the past 18 years, my wife and I have had two custom homes built and one condominium totally custom renovated by the firm of McCowen-Sainton, Inc.  In all three situations, the experience was one of total professionalism with the work done to the highest standard and to our complete satisfaction.

Both Pat McCowen and Steve Sainton were extremely easy to work with on these three construction projects. They were helpful in deciding what to do and how to proceed. They did not hesitate to suggest appropriate ways to do what we wanted done, while still ultimately doing what the customer wanted. They did what was contracted to do on time and within budget. Both their project management skills and the financial record keeping system were of the highest order. Most important, the final product in all three projects was completely satisfactory in all regards and was impressive to both ourselves and our numerous friends and guests.

Our satisfaction with the first home they built for us at 1402 Cottonwood Valley Circle North (in 1990) was so complete that there was no question which team we would use when we built our second home at 4408 Windsor Ridge Drive (in 1998-1999). And again there was no question which team we would use when we decided to move to a high rise condominium at the Grand Treviso (in 2005) and totally renovate one of penthouses before moving in. It should be noted that both the quality of their workmanship and then-conduct of business was recognized by the management of the building as being very impressive and totally professional.

We would not hesitate to recommend McCowen-Sainton, Inc. to anyone seriously considering building a custom home to the highest standards.

Yours truly,

R. B. Reichelt



To Whom It May Concern:McCowen-Sainton Street Cred

McCowen-Sainton, Inc. has built two custom designed homes for us and we have been very pleased with both. We have found them to be easily accessible for us and very reliable in selecting and overseeing the work of their subcontractors, as well as helping with the selection of high quality materials. They were particularly helpful in assisting us in building an energy efficient home and remain very involved with the day-to-day process of their building projects. Their communication with their clients is excellent.  However, the most impressive thing about McCowen & Sainton is their commitment to after sale service and their obvious interest in maintaining satisfied customers.

While many builders “disappear” after the customer moves in, Pat and Steve remain responsive to those issues that often surface only after the job is complete. If we ever decide to build another home, we would certainly us them again.


J.W. Heyde



To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I owned an older home in Bluff View, and while the house was a bit dated, it was perfect until the twins arrived.  We then embarked on our first homebuilding experience, speaking to friends and associates having experienced this activity.  We settled on a short list of builders we felt comfortable with and interviewed all.  From the first meeting we had full confidence in Pat McCowen and Steve Sainton.  Their list of referrals was impressive and noteworthy.  They put us at ease and skillfully walked us through the process.  We are so pleased that we selected them.

Our dream home has some features our hearts were set upon, but we weren’t sure how to accomplish them.  McCowen-Sainton handled these with ease; their years of experience taking over.  We moved out, they scraped and began again.  The result was indeed the dream house we wanted, refreshingly on time and well within our allotted budget.   This was due to an ongoing communication/collaboration which they insist upon.  

We recommend McCowen-Sainton often.  They remain there for us at any time.   I am pleased they asked Kathy and me to write this recommendation.


John A. Vassallo

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